The Plot

The Backdrop

The Black Pearl is no longer led by it’s rightful Captain – Capt. Jack Sparrow. It is now in the hands of Captain Hector Barbossa and First Mate Joshamee Gibbs. Jack is a victim of another mutiny as he is left to drift towards the shores of a strange land. The Pearl departed leaving Jack with only a pistol with one shot, a little bit of food supplies and a bottle of Rum….as usual! However, before leaving The Pearl,  Gibbs informs him that this land is different from the ones that he’s has ever visited. It is supposed to be a virtual nation with a population just beating India and China. Gibbs was referring to Facebook.

When Jack lands on the shores of Facebook, he finds himself marooned on a completely bizarre land. He meets people here. All seem to have a hazy existence.  In his quest to build a ship to sail onto the seas again, he meets Dr. Shunyataam Googol, a well traveled and learned person. The witty pirate and the clever doctor  strike an interesting deal. As per the deal, Jack would show the doctor the path to the southernmost tip of Madagascar, where the Black Pearl usually has a hideout, in return of which Jack would get all the resources they need for building a ship that would destroy the mutiny on The Pearl making Jack it’s rightful Captain again.

Why Madagascar? Dr. Shunyataam Googol is a cyber outlaw, ousted from Facebook for violating the Law of the Land. His pursuit of regaining his love, Sankhya, makes this synergy of a Pirate and Doctor more

A cyber outlaw meeting a Pirate results in the designing a virtual ship called ‘SociallyPirate’ – a blog that would lead him to his love- Sankhya who is trapped in Alice’s Wonderland in the Bermuda Triangle. If there is any compass that would show him the path, it would be Jack’s.

So, join in as Pirates of Facebook, with your identities and characters – all your creativity running wild! Join in to build ‘SociallyPirate’ – the Ship. Join in for an adventure of a lifetime!!!

To be Continued…


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