So Jack decided to write again. This time he was hesitant. ‘Writing after ages’ suits Jack. “Hmm.. why write with a pen?” he smirked and grabbed a  laptop. Fortunately he read a blog of a clever writer who was online. “Excuse me, writer.” he said tapping her shoulder in his own characteristic way, “I read your blog and was wondering – What should I blog about at 1:00am in the morning?”

She turned to him pleasantly and said,
“Why don’t you write about the ‘chaos’ of your compass…or mind?
A pirate like you is crazy. Why don’t you write about ‘madness’?
A proud pirate, you know how to impart and endure ‘pain’. How’s that?
Er.. write about ‘urgency’…!” she said as she turned around to enter her dreams.

It confused Jack, “Urgency? What urgency can I have?”

She was nowhere to be seen, but surely around somewhere in this virtual world. Jack waited for sometime to be introduced. Maybe, writers sleep at 1:00am too.

“Writers…” he muttered under his breath and proceeded to his bunk.